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WEO Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit 2024

Chongqing & Online, November 30


WEO Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit (WEO-CEGS) is an international conference dedicated to capsule endoscopy organized by the World Endoscopy Organization. The last CEGS, attracted over 500 on-site participants and 160,000 online views, making it the most influential capsule endoscopy event.

Themed "Innovation Ahead", WEO-CEGS 2024 aims to provide researchers, industry pioneers and clinical practitioners with a unique opportunity to hear about and exchange knowledge on the latest advancements and most exciting research developments in the field as well as to explore the benefits brought by innovations in capsule endoscopy.





Online Views

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Welcome Messages


Lars AABAKKEN, President of WEO-CEGS 2024

Dear esteemed faculty, dear participants,


On behalf of the World Endoscopy Organisation (WEO), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the World Endoscopy Organization  Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit (WEO-CEGS) 2024. The WEO CEGS will be held in Chongqing, China and we hope to welcome you personally in this dynamic location. Whilst key experts and onsite participants will gather for a face to face meeting, the summit also offers access to online participation for those who are unable to travel personally to Chongqing.

WEO CEGS 2024 is the concerted efforts of WEO and the Chinese Association of Gastroenterology & Hepatologist (CAGH) as well as the support of several prominent hospitals in China. I am also very honoured to have Professor Zhang Shu Tian of the renowned Beijing Friendship Hospital as the co-President of the WEO CEGS 2024.


WEO CEGS 2024 is the leading summit dedicated to continued education, training and scientific exchanges with special emphasis in capsule endoscopy. Themed Innovation Ahead, the WEO CEGS 2024 hopes that through the continued advances in capsule endoscopy research and development as well as further innovation, medical and patient care will continue to improve by leaps and bounds.


We are confident that you will benefit greatly from this summit and look forward to your keen participation!

I wish you a fulfilling time!

With my best regards,

Lars Aabakken

Shutian Web.png

Shutian ZHANG, President of WEO-CEGS 2024

Dear esteemed faculty, dear participants,

To date, the Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit has been successfully held five sessions. As one of the most significant international conferences in the field of capsule endoscopy, the influence of this summit has been continuously expanding. I am deeply gratified and proud that, for the first time, the World Endoscopy Organization is directly steering and supervising this year's summit.

Over the past two decades, China has been at the forefront of research, development, and application of capsule endoscopy. I sincerely hope that more scientists and professional doctors from around the world will join this field. By integrating clinical expertise with technological innovation, we can push the boundaries of capsule endoscopy technology to new heights and promote its widespread application globally. This will ultimately benefit humanity and create a brighter future. 

I warmly welcome all attendees to WEO Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit 2024 and wish this summit great success!

​Best Regards

Shutian ZHANG

Host & Co-host

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